Do you ever give serious thought to your wedding bouquet? Next to your beautiful gown it’s the most important accessory. It’s in every photo and after your dress, it’s the next thing to be scrutinised by your guests.

Morgan's Flowing Waterfall Cascade Bridal Bouquet

Most likely you’ll have a theme and an inspiration board. These are a fabulous tool to help you pull everything together and whether you are using a florist or floral designer, either bring it with you or email it to them.

We all have such different ideas of what’s a wildflower, boho, romantic or formal bouquet. Its what you think and want that’s important so for the person creating your bouquet give them something to interpret and work with. The more visuals you have the easier it will be to guide you in the right direction regarding flower choices, colours and the final overall look and feel.

Colour is another thing that’s really personal and while Pan-tone will have colour trends it’s what floats your boat that you should focus on and not be dictated to by fashion that’s so fleeting.

My advice is choose the style and colours that suit your personality and if that’s loud, vibrant colours then go for it! It’s your day.

Pastels and neutrals are timeless and wouldn’t look out of place in most venues. Your dress style and your height are also something to consider. If your dress is fussy or detailed then a simple bouquet wouldn’t be out of place, the taller you are then the longer the bouquet can be, it’s all about dimensions and ratio.

The same applies to the loose ‘unstructured’ look so popular these days, there is symmetry at work here and balance creating a just gathered look takes skill, expertise and an understanding of natural materials and is very difficult to achieve with stiff commercial flowers.

I am pleased to see ethical weddings on the increase. This trend of Eco-conscious, sustainable and environmentally friendly nuptials gets my seal of approval. The conscious move away from unsustainable, single use waste is so much better for us and especially the planet. Choosing ethical wedding attire has never been easier, Hotels are working hard on being greener, stationery and jewellery as ethical options are all there too.

Being more mindful of your impact on the environment can give opportunities to create something really special and have a positive lasting effect. If you are choosing an ethical florist and plan ahead you could have seed of certain flower varieties saved and presented as wedding favours to be planted in memory of your special day. Take it to another level and choose edible varieties which can be flowering and ready to harvest for your first anniversary dinner, how cool is that!

Ethical flowers are life-giving. They aren’t just flowers they’re the source for the food we eat and this is made possible by pollination, which turns the flower into a seed and continues the cycle of life. They are also the essence of so much of what we use daily from beauty products to medicinal support to food for animals. And, they are a life-giving source of joy, we need joy to sustain us.

Have fun and create some magical memories!!

Bee kind

Mags xx