Our Manifesto

We love pushing the boundaries whilst remaining true to our values of thoughtful and careful stewardship of our land.

We hold ourselves accountable for all our actions and take our moral and social responsibility seriously to protect our ecological integrity and balance.

We believe you can cultivate the beauty that has a positive and supportive effect on our environment.

We believe soil needs to be living, thriving and full of nourishing life for us to produce the most breathtakingly beautiful nectar-rich flowers and foliage. We have a deep respect and admiration for the work microscopic fungi and bacteria do for us on a daily basis, in regard to our soil. Without them, there will be no us.

Bumblebee on Clematis

Our growing practices sequester carbon which is an aid to reversing climate change.

We grow in harmony with nature, nurturing the seed we sow right through to the bouquet in your vase. This is done with compassion and respect for the flora and fauna that have set up home with us and for all the ecosystems necessary to support life for a future that’s worth living.

We believe flowers should arrive to you with the morning dew fresh on their leaves and contain nothing more in their cells other than the love they were grown with.

We value curiosity, learning and knowledge. We have learned so much by observing and doing. 

We believe the real value of knowledge is when it’s shared, to support, inspire and empower others to be part of the solution.

Through our school programs, pollinator planting plans, workshops, blogs and open days, we aim to share what a ‘whole’ system looks like and how our principles can be adapted to suit the needs of other growing communities.

Gift of life bouquet

We believe in ‘responsible purchasing’ and its ability to provide decent living wages as well as the positive social and environmental impact that comes with respect for the ‘whole’ ecosystem of humanity and ecology.

While our primary focus is on pollinators, we believe that by having a better understanding of the importance of a year-round supply of natural food for wildlife and the role indigenous trees, shrubs, perennials and wildflowers play in supporting this, make it easier to understand why we need to protect the ‘whole’ ecosystem.

What we teach here is how to be part of the solution!

Bumblebee Flower Farm is proud to be a supporter of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan.

All Ireland Pollinator Plan

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