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About the Farm

We believe in growing flowers as nature intended, surrounded by flora and fauna and supporting bumblebees and other pollinators.

The Essence of Bumblebee Flower Farm

We believe in growing flowers as nature intended, surrounded by flora and fauna and supporting bumblebees and other pollinators. Based in West Cork, we are Ireland’s first dedicated edible flower farm.

We are committed to biodiversity and ethical practices. For instance, we only use organic gardening practices, and we only use produce that has been either foraged from nearby or on our own farm.

We cultivate vibrant, fragrant, stunning organic flowers and vegetables from March until November each year.

...It’s a magical oasis of floral abundance, teeming with life, as Mother nature intended...

Our Story

Bumblebee Farm began as a wildlife refuge, designed to provide habitats and ecosystems to support flora and fauna as nature intended. In 1999, I opened my first-ever flower shop, which offered an amazing learning experience as I supplemented my garden with natural blooms - which proved to be more stunning than processed ones.

In 2010, I started growing all of my own flowers, and organic gardening has been a way of life since then. Three short years later, a bride asked that I create a posy for her flower girl, and I recommended an edible arrangement.

Our Story

Then, in 2015, we embraced edible flowers as a serious commercial crop, and things at Bumblebee Flower Farm became concrete. Today, we work with some of the best chefs in the country, host workshops on sustainability and seasonality, and collaborate for events such as A Taste of West Cork Food Festival.

Bumblebee Flower Farm is a proud supporter of The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the elegance and beauty of our Pollinators’ Paradise!

Our Mission

Is to preserve, protect and restore our bumblebee populations through regeneration of natural habitats, soil health promoting practices and by lovingly cultivating the most breathtakingly beautiful flowers, nectar rich in the world.

Our Goal

Is to connect you with nature through our beautifully scented garden inspired bouquets.

There’s so much more to a bumblebee flower farm bouquet, you’re not only supporting a small flower farm but you’re helping support and protect a rich environment that provides a vital food source for our butterflies and bees.

We are a pollinators paradise.

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About Mags

Expert Florist | Passionate Horticulturist

Mags, founder of Bumblebee Flower Farm, has long loved color, design, and flowers. In 2015, she launched her edible flower business and always seeks to blend these into her floral designs.
Mags is passionate about creating seasonal florals inspired by the connection between nature and natural beauty, all while protecting the delicate, diverse ecosystems found in nature.
Among her specialties are creating unique bridal events and elegant, romantic designs. Each month, Mags is a featured writer in West Cork People Magazine.

Mags Riordan