Edible Flowers

Beauty, fragrance and romance will always stimulate human senses. Flowers draw us in with their colour and scents, transforming a green salad to a veritable rainbow feast for the eyes and palate, or a simple wedding cake into a culinary masterpiece.

Drinks and cocktails too look delightful with the addition of these floating beauties making them more visually appealing and a wonderful talking point.

Calendula field

Today we continue to seek more attractive and tasty food – it’s not just the flavour, it’s the aesthetic appeal which completes the experience. Edible flowers greatly enhance the attraction and appeal of individual dishes. And with recent clinical studies, we’re now starting to understand their nutritional and medicinal qualities. Indeed, there is more nutritional value packed into a single flower grown organically than in a pound of carrots grown for the mass market!

As Ireland’s first dedicated edible flower farm, we are continuously researching collaborating and developing new and innovative ways of using flowers as an integral ingredient in savoury dishes, desserts and cocktails.

All our produce is grown in highly nutritious living soil as this creates the very best quality edible flowers with longer shelf-life and superior flavour. We lovingly cultivate our flowers with the care and attention to detail they truly deserve and are reliably told this love shines through!

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“There are herbs, and then there are Bumblebee Flower Farm herbs”

Our range of herbs includes many unusual varieties and are thoughtfully planted and tended, replicating their natural growing conditions as closely as possible to maximise quality, aroma and flavour.

All our flowers and herbs are harvested by hand, packed, refrigerated and only picked to order.

We can supply you with individual flower varieties or mixed selections, sweet or savoury and as the season changes so will our flowers.

A word of caution. Unlike our supply, NOT all edible flowers are edible.

Plants such as marigolds and pansies from garden centres are likely to have been treated with pesticides and fungicides and are therefore not suitable for human consumption. If unsure, always ask the origin of the flowers. If you’re considering growing your own (which we highly recommend), try to get organic seeds or use non-treated seeds. Again, seed for garden use is likely to have been soaked in chemicals as they are sold for ornamental use.

Edible flowers will last a week provided you keep them in their sealed containers in a fridge or cold room at 3-5 degrees. Once they are out of them they will deteriorate just like salad leaves.

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