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Gift of Life

Hyacinths, scented narcissus ziva, Erlicheer and Avalanche, Anemones and Sweet William with grapefruit mint and seasonal foliage.

Bumblebee Bundle Bouquet Subscription

3 #beefriendly bouquets delivered to your door with a choice of weekly, fortnightly or monthly options.

Spring ‘Fleursage’

Bumblebee Flower farm’s ‘Fleursage’ is a modern reworking of the traditional corsage. Each piece is individually hand-crafted using the very best of our bee-friendly flowers. All our produce is ethically grown and sustainably produced especially for the climate aware students and brides. These can be adapted as a shoulder Fleursage or a petite flower crown. They almost become a second skin, are lightweight, flexible and will last all night long!

Spring ‘Fleursage’ - Serpentine

Ingredients: Hyacinth, scented narcissus, skimmia, hellebore and helichrysum. Season: February - March.

Spring ‘Fleursage’ - Straight

Ingredients: Hyacinth, scented narcissus, Allium,hellebore, Viburnum and helichrysum. Season: December to March.

Spring ‘Fleursage’ - Petite

Ingredients: Scented narcissus, hellebore,linaria, helichrysum. Season: December - March

Intimate Weddings

We offer a range of intimate wedding packages, to make your day look as beautiful as you!