We are at a crossroads and the path we choose to take will have a direct bearing on the future...

We have been gifted an incredible opportunity to create a world that can sustain us and provide a future for our children and grandchildren. To me, that is the greatest gift and legacy we can leave. It will require changes to our lifestyles and letting go of things that drive the destruction of our environment which in turn causes catastrophic events like Covid 19.
We have choices and the power within in to create a better future. Never has there been a greater need for reconnection to the cycles of life and being aware of cause and effect. We are at a crossroads and the path we choose to take will have a direct bearing on the future we will create.
Returning to instant gratification, cheap fashion and food will only fuel our own demise because these are the very things that ‘Cost the Earth’

We are pretty much self-sufficient here on the farm regarding our flowers and foliage so because of this were largely unaffected from a production point of view. Our daily like continued as normal. To us being a sustainable business means we provide food for the wildlife that lives with us while generating an income from these crops. Our criteria are different in so far as we only grow flowers that support biodiversity, provide nectar and pollen for our pollinators and safe habitats and shelter for all our wildlife. Our business model is circular with every action thought through to cause as little disturbance as possible, working in harmony with nature.

I’m an eternal optimist and hope we will all take responsibility for our actions and be more mindful of our surroundings and changing perspective.
I love seeing ‘weeds’ flourish because these are the best food sources for our pollinators and birdlife from the humble dandelion as a nectar source for our bumblebees to the nutritious seeds for our Goldfinches.
Willow herb is another favourite of mine especially the greater willow herb which is beautifully architectural in its own right but for me it’s the preferred food of the Elephant Hawk moth caterpillar one of our favourite residents.

Ragwort is another crop we wouldn’t be without as the Cinnabar Moth feeds almost exclusively on this and its eradication is driving its extinction. I realize if it makes its way in cattle’s winter food it is poisonous, and care needs to be taken in its planting. Its all about finding solutions that benefit all life, protecting the biodiversity needed to sustain all of us.
We are working on the educational, supportive side of our business with online and limited on farm programmes.

We look forward to welcoming you to the farm again and sharing with you the knowledge we have amassed over the years on sustainable, organic wildlife gardening and flower farming