Hello September! I made a new year’s resolution not to be late with my article submissions back in January and like so many resolutions it didn’t last very long. I do try but wearing all hats there never seems to be enough hours in the day! January was part of another world when we all probably had different plans and aspirations. Covid changed everything for so many of us but sometimes a total shock, stopped in our tracks is needed to realise what’s really important and what has real value. My driving force is saving humanity from extension, to be part of the solution and help create a better world, one that’s connected, supportive and places real value on our natural world because without it’s health we’re doomed to a terrifying existence of Covid like experiences. We can do so much to help create a better future for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren, one that we can be proud of.

[caption id="attachment_2840" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Stunning shot of white tailed bumblebee B. lucorum Image from Bumblebee conservation[/caption]

We had our Open day here on the 16th of August it did my heart good to see so many people willing to do their bit and wanting to be part of the solution. I passionately believe in the power of One! If we all do a little bit, it can amount to a whole lot.

I won’t deny how incredibly difficult this year has been, trying to do everything on my own with almost no help on the farm. From March to October I would normally have 2 to 4 woofers helping here so we would have looked a lot tidier and more presentable so to speak. So many times, I thought of cancelling, but we have an important message to get out there and the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years needs to be shared.

[caption id="attachment_1622" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Dahlia tunnel[/caption]

My focus is on our struggling pollinators and growing nectar rich flowers that support them. We have 3 criteria, a good food source, edible for humans and a great cut flower. They must meet at least 2 of these to be part of our crops. A rich food source for our pollinators is non negotiable this is a must, some are great cut flowers; some are edible for humans and some are all three.

The purpose of our open days is to show how incredibly beautiful and diverse a pollinator friendly garden can look like, the food that can be produced from edible flowers and changing perspective on our native wildflowers.

[caption id="attachment_3494" align="alignleft" width="200"] Tortoiseshell butterfly on hydrangea[/caption]

We have a second open day on the 27th of September where we will be focusing more on the plants and planting schemes that support nature through the full year. With climate change so many creatures are no longer hibernating and forage throughout the year so its critical to have a year-round supply of food for them. For us, it’s all about embracing the changing seasons and celebrating the very best mother nature has to offer with help from our cultivated range of blooms. We would love you to join us for a little glimpse into the world of a Pollinators Paradise and sample the extraordinary nutrient rich foods that can be produced from crops you can grow on your doorstep.

Booking can be done on our website www.bumbebeeflowerfarm.ie. So, looking forward to meeting you all. Until then Bee Kind. Mags xx