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Gift of Life Bouquet

Our single bouquet  is called the ‘Gift of Life Bouquet’ because of the life-giving support our flowers and foliage provide for our wildlife, especially our pollinators. There are dramatic changes over each season with subtle differences across the weeks of each individual season.

Gift Of Life Bouquet

Bumblebee Bundle subscription

Our ‘Bumblebee Bundle’  3 Bouquet subscription takes you on a visual  journey through the ever changing landscape of a bee-friendly garden. It’s an urban bridge to our holistic vision of what our rural landscape can support. Certain flowers we grow in smaller quantities are only available in these bouquets.

3 Bee Friendly Bouquets

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The Regenerative Bouquet

Going from a place of Dis-Ease to Ease by treating the ‘whole’ of mind-body-life.  We cannot heal the whole if we only look at the parts.

Our Regenerative Bouquets are designed to nurture and nourish your whole self; physical, emotional and spiritual; by combining rejuvenating fragrant herbs with heavenly scented garden roses and scented seasonal flowers.

Not only is the sight of a beautiful bouquet uplifting, the scent from certain flowers and plants is scientifically proven to have a positive effect on mood and health.  Indeed, inhaling the essential oils from certain flowers like garden roses and herbs like mint, rosemary and lavender has been shown to decrease blood pressure, decrease levels of stress hormones, lift mood and boost alertness. Because there is nothing else in our flowers other than the love they’re grown with, we encourage you to do so too.

This bouquet is very dear to my heart and born out of experience. My herbs and flowers have always nourished and nurtured me, there have  been challenging times in my life where I don’t think I’d have come through very well without their support.

This resulting exchange is not only social and cultural but also spiritual.  Your support allows us to continue nurturing, nourishing and protecting life through our regenerative growing practices which in turn allows us to support you too through our bouquets.

Foliage is an integral part of our bouquets, from the deliciously scented herbs to the seasonal flowering foliage that provide an uninterrupted supply of pollinator food throughout the year. If you’d like to know more about our foliage have a look at our entry on The flowers and foliage we use and what they support!

Please get in touch to discuss your particular needs and we’ll create something bespoke to you.  We also offer subscription packages at a frequency to suit you.

Flowers in a vase

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