Ethically grown and sustainably produced in West Cork.

We are a little flower farm with a big heart nestled under Nowen hill in a beautiful part of West Cork. Working in harmony with nature in a sustainable manner is deeply important to us. We are thoughtful and mindful of all our actions and respect all the flora and fauna that reside with us.

We are very focused and thrive on delivering beyond expectations.

We respect and care for those who come into our lives and are mindful of our role to protect this earth.

Our produce, standards and people are exceptional.

Our produce enables professionals to express their individuality.


Working on two acres we use an organic intensive method of producing flowers and foliage.

By continually feeding and amending our soil with natural soil building microbes, manure and trace minerals we can produce greater numbers of stems per square foot. Our motto is “feed the soil and the soil will feed our plants’.


Our produce is available all year but changes with each season, we only use produce grown here on the farm or foraged locally.

Our edible flowers and market style bouquets are available all year, but our main season is from mid-March to the end of October.

Wedding season is from May to October. With prior notice we can facilitate outside of these times.


It is such a joy listening to the bird song, the humming of the bees and all the fauna that have found a home here with us. This makes us feel truly blessed.


Mags Riordan

Professional florist | Horticultural enthusiast

She is known for her fresh naturalistic approach to floral design and her ability to capture the essence of what’s in season. Her eye for colour and design really sets her apart and allows her to create truly unique one of a kind bridal and event creations. Since starting their gourmet edible flower business in 2015 she is constantly looking at new and innovative ways of incorporating these into her floral design. Mags writes a monthly article about farm life for the West Cork People Magazine.