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Discover our Pollinators Paradise

Nestled under Nowen Hill in an
enchanting part of West Cork,
along the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way


Our values are simply ethically grown and sustainably produced flowers in all their guises.

Protecting and promoting biodiversity through regenerative practices while cultivating the most breathtakingly beautiful nectar rich blooms.

All are lovingly cultivated on our farm here in West Cork.

Prized for their vibrancy and scent.

Organically produced, we work with nature to maintain a holistic approach, passionately caring for the flora and fauna around us.

Our flowers are beautifully arranged and in keeping with the habitat they are grown in.

We are extremely proud to only use produce that has been foraged from the land around us or lovingly grown here on the farm.

This allows us to create inspirational, seasonal floral design including weddings and events.

We are Irelands first dedicated edible flower farm producing a unique range of seasonal speciality edible flowers and veg from March to November.


“It’s a magical oasis of floral abundance teaming with life, as ‘Mother Nature’ intended.”

Our Mission

Is to preserve, protect and restore our bumblebee populations through regeneration of natural habitats, soil health promoting practices and by lovingly cultivating the most breathtakingly beautiful flowers, nectar rich in the world.

Our Goal

Is to connect you with nature through our beautifully scented garden inspired bouquets.

There’s so much more to a bumblebee flower farm bouquet, you’re not only supporting a small flower farm but you’re helping support and protect a rich environment that provides a vital food source for our butterflies and bees.

We are a pollinators paradise.

Our Story

I’m a city girl born and bred, never had a garden and didn’t know the difference between an annual or perennial, but I had always loved nature. I was always rescuing animals, injured birds etc.

While I started life in fashion it wasn’t my true calling.

I moved to West Cork in the early 1990’s got my first garden, started growing and couldn’t stop. It’s here I really got to understand the cycle of life and how we are all connected, every action has a reaction.

Bumblebee farm started as a refuge for wildlife, to create habitats and ecosystems to support and benefit our ever-growing flora and fauna.

In 1999 I opened my first flower shop and as the garden matured I began supplementing it with my own garden blooms, the colour and vibrancy of naturally grown flowers amazed me, there was simply no comparison to processed flowers, around the same time I developed a nasty skin condition which I couldn’t shift, I did some research into the industry. It saddened me to learn what was used in the name of beauty.

In 2010 I took a leap of faith and started growing my own flowers, having gardened organically it was an obvious choice to continue that way.

In 2016 it came to light about my dyslexia, this was the turning point for me personally and professionally. It helped me understand why I struggled with some things but excelled at others, these challenges are still there but I’m learning how to deal with them.

One of my customers pointed out to me they can always recognise one of my bouquets because of my unique natural style.

My dyslexia is a blessing, it’s what makes a bumblebee flower farm bouquet so special and unique. Some of the huge benefits are how I see colour and my abstract thought process allows me to arrange and create inspirational floral design.

The journey into edibles came about when in 2013 a bride asked me to create a posy for her little flower girl, Catherine was genuinely concerned because Sophie put everything into her mouth, I suggested an edible bouquet, I knew some of what I was growing would suit but when I discovered over 60% of my crops were in fact edible, I started looking at them in a whole new light.

It wasn’t until 2015 that we embraced growing edible flowers as a serious commercial crop.

We’re very proud to see our edible flowers in some of the finest restaurants, country houses and hotels in the country.

We work with some of the finest chefs in the country, but our collaboration with the hugely talented Eddie Attwell for an event for A Taste of West Cork Food Festival in 2018 ‘Flora, Fauna & Food’ has resulted in a whole new avenue for us. They are now one of the many events hosted here on the farm celebrating locally produced seasonal menus.

Education, sustainability, nutrition and reconnecting to where our food and flowers come from is at the heart of Bumblebee flower farm’s ethos.

We also host a series of workshops focusing on seasonality and sustainability.

What started as disillusionment with the commercial flower industry turned into the most amazing journey of discovery.

We so look forward to welcoming you to our home, wonderful farm and sharing with you the knowledge we’ve gathered over the years.

We are a business supporter of The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

Mags xx

Our Founder

Professional florist | Horticultural enthusiast

She is passionate about creating seasonal florals that reflect the unique connection between nature and natural beauty, while protecting the delicate and diverse eco-systems.

She’s known for her fresh organic naturalistic approach to floral design and her ability to capture the very essence of what’s in season.

Her eye for colour and design really sets her apart and allows her to create truly unique one of a kind bridal and event creations which are elegant and luxurious with a romantic feel.

Since starting their gourmet edible flower business in 2015 she is constantly looking at new and innovative ways of incorporating these into her floral design.

She is happiest when outside surrounded by the birds and bees especially bumblebees the super heroes of our eco-system.

Mags writes a monthly article about farm life for the West Cork People Magazine.

Mags Riordan

Mags Riordan


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