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Dahlia Collection

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We’re delighted to be able to offer our limited-edition Pollinator Friendly Dahlia collection including Waltzing Matilda, Mexican Black and a beautiful anemone flowered Neapolitan. Also in the mix Basil, Apple and Grapefruit mint. (6 Dahlia tubers + 3 mint) With our lucky dip, we will include some dinner plate dahlias like Café au Lait, Emory Paul and Ball Dahlias such as Wine-Eyed Gill. The mix will also include mystery Dahlias.(9 Dahlia tubers) They will be available for a limited time only on our web shop. Delivery will commence at the end of March and is only available in the republic of Ireland.

Limited edition Pollinator Friendly Dahlia collection and Lucky Dip Dahlia Collection. Pollinator Friendly edition also includes 3 varieties of mint. 


Pollinator Friendly

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